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The Planetary Report
Venus—Retaining Her Mystery On the Cover: Venus as seen through a telescope is a fuzzy yellow planet completely enshrouded by sulfuric acid clouds. Only with radar can we penetrate the thick, obscuring layers to discern surface features. Earth-based radars, the Pioneer Venus orbiter and Veneras 15 and 16 all helped to reveal Venus' surface, but couldn't match the detail of Magellan's observations. This global view was created from data gathered by Magellan. Areas missed were filled with coarser Pioneer data, and the colors were based on data returned by the Venera 13 and 14 landers.

Volume 13, number 3
May/June 1993

Venus—Retaining Her Mystery

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4 Venus: After Magellan, She Still Has Her Mysteries: R. Stephen Saunders details the findings of this mission, and the questions it has revealed.

10 A Hopeful Gathering of Planetary Scientists: James Burke reports on a NASA meeting to review more than 70 concept Discovery mission proposals.

13 Bringing People Together Through Planetary Science: Adriana Ocampo and Rosaly Lopes-Gautier discuss a UN-ESA program to help bring space science to developing countries.


3 Members' Dialogue Human missions to Mars.

16 Readers' Service Conversing With the Planets.

17 World Watch Russian Mars rover and Mars '94.

18 News & Reviews Why Venus died; are Jupiters rare?

19 Society Notes Upcoming events.

20 Q&A How did water arrive (or form) on Earth, and when?

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