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The Planetary Report
The Rings of Uranus from Voyager 2 On the Cover: The black rings of Uranus reveal subtle color differences in this computer-enhanced, false-color image generated from data returned by Voyager 2 during its January 1986 encounter with the planet. The bright epsilon ring appears as the neutrally colored line at the top. Moving down, toward Uranus, are the delta, gamma, and eta rings, here seen as bluish-green, with the beta and alpha rings in lighter tones. Below them are rings 4, 5 and 6 in pinkish shades. The faint pastel lines between the more defined rings may be traces of new rings discovered by Voyager 2.

Volume 6, number 2
March/April 1986

The Rings of Uranus from Voyager 2

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4 Japan: A New Factor in Space: Steve Burgess showcases Japan's space program, and how it differs from that of America.

8 Encounter! Voyager 2 Explores the Uranian System: Clark R. Chapman shares amazing images and results from humanity's first visit to Uranus and its moons.


3 Q&A How does Halley's Comet retain ice over multiple millennia?

13 World Watch Flybys of Halley's Comet; international cooperation in space.

14 Society Notes From Comet Halley to Mars; Venus mapper named.

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