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Mission Index

Humans have been launching spacecraft beyond Earth orbit since 1959. These robotic emissaries follow in the footsteps of their predecessors, and are testaments to our long-lived desire to understand our place in the Cosmos. 

There are currently spacecraft exploring or en route to Venus, Mars, asteroids, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Kuiper Belt, and even interstellar space. Closer to home, we have probes in lunar orbit, a handful of solar physics missions, space telescopes, and a fleet of Earth-observing satellites. In Earth orbit, the International Space Station continues to soar around the planet with a continually staffed crew of astronauts and cosmonauts.

Apollo 7

Apollo 7 was the first crewed spaceflight of the Apollo program.

Missions to Venus and Mercury

A list of key dates and basic facts on all the missions that have explored Venus and Mercury.

Missions to the Moon

A timeline of missions to the Moon

Missions to Mars

The missions, both successful and failed, that have flown by, orbited, or landed on the Red Planet and its moons

Missions beyond Mars

The spacecraft that have traveled to asteroids, outer planets, comets, and beyond

Cassini’s Tour of the Saturn System

13 years, 250 orbits, and 127 gravity-assist flybys – explore the Saturn system with NASA's Cassini mission.

Missions to study the Sun

Spacecraft that study our dynamic Sun and help us understand how it affects our planet.

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