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Paul Hammond

Paul Hammond

Latest Processed Space Images

Rock target "Canada Falls," Curiosity sol 1634

April 25, 2017

Curiosity examined Canada Falls with the MAHLI camera on the end of the arm on sol 1634 (March 12, 2017). The rock may record a dry lakebed period within Gale crater. The view is a mosaic of three MAHLI observations.

Two colorful rock targets south of Bagnold Dunes, Curiosity sol 1666

April 25, 2017

Curiosity's Mastcam and ChemCam pointed at two locations on a wind-eroded outcrop on sol 1666 to examine whether the rock's color changes meant changes in composition. These fine-grained sedimentary rocks formed at a time when Gale crater held a lake.

Curiosity sol 1226 dump piles of sieved sand at Namib dune

February 10, 2016

On sol 1226 (January 17, 2016), Curiosity dumped sand that had been scooped from Namib dune on sol 1224. The left, "dump pile A", consists of sand that passed through the 150-micrometer sieve. The right, "dump pile B", is the portion that did not pass through that sieve.

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