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Amateur Space Image Processors

Thomas Appéré

Associate Scientist
Thomas Appéré is an Associate Scientist at IPAG (l’Institut de Planétologie et d’Astrophysique de Grenoble) in Grenoble, France.

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Stuart Atkinson

space enthusiast and amateur astronomer
Stuart Atkinson is a lifelong space enthusiast, amateur astronomer, and frustrated martian.

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Andrew Bodrov

Andrew Bodrov, from Estonia, is a member of the International Virtual Reality Photography Association (IVRPA), and has been professionally engaged in panoramic photography for over 13 years. He has shot panoramas for the 3D Tallinn Project (Estonia), Tallinn Song Festival (Estonia), Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow (Russia), Baikonur Cosmodrome (Russia) as well as hundreds of other panoramas from around the world.

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Damia Bouic

Damia Bouic (France) creates rover panoramas on her blog Marsrovers Images (in French). (UMSF member: Ant103)

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Bernhard Braun

Bernhard Braun

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Matt Brealey

Visual Effects Artist/Product Designer
Matt Brealey is a Visual Effects Artist/Product Designer living in London, England.

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Marc Canale

Marc Canale posts as "kyokugaisha" on

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James Canvin

James Canvin (UK) follows Spirit and Opportunity on his Martian Vistas website, where he posts beautifully-processed versions of their panoramas. (UMSF Moderator: jamescanvin)

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Giuseppe Conzo

Giuseppe Conzo is an Italian amateur astronomer and member of the Pro-Am Collaborative Astronomy (PACA) Project.

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Justin Cowart

Geologist and amateur astronomer
Justin Cowart is a geologist and amateur astronomer living in Carbondale, IL.

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Tom Dahl

Tom Dahl is a professional software developer with a life-long interest in the space program.

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Don Davis

Don Davis is a space artist and animator. He is a member and Fellow of the International Association of Astronomical Artists.

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Olivier de Goursac

Olivier de Goursac is an image processor, author, and public outreach coordinator about Mars exploration.

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Erik Diaz

Mars has been an interest of mine since I was a child. Once the Mars Science Laboratory landed, however, it really put the awe of the planet into perspective for me and thanks to the availability of the raw images, I now have one of the best hobbies on THIS planet!

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Bill Dunford

Bill Dunford is just a desktop astronaut, following the adventures of robotic spacecraft all across the Solar System. He writes for NASA, and also blogs about his experiences at Riding with Robots on the High Frontier.

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Vitaliy Egorov

Виталий Егоров (Vitaliy Egorov) is a journalist, enthusiast and popular writer about space research. He is the founder of the largest community devoted to MSL Curiosity on Vkontakte (Russian facebook). He participates on as Zelenyikot.

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Gerald Eichstädt

Mathematician and Software Professional
Gerald Eichstädt is a mathematician working as a software professional and amateur scientist.

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Doug Ellison

Doug Ellison, Founder,

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An anonymous member of the community known for his panoramic images containing the "Mystery Man" for scale.

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Christopher Go

Christopher Go is an amateur astronomer based in the Philippines.

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Ernesto Guido

Amateur Astronomer
Ernesto Guido is an Italian amateur astronomer.

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Øyvind Guldbrandsen

Øyvind Guldbrandsen is a member of the Norwegian Astronautical Society.

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Michael Howard

Michael Howard (USA) is the creator of the Midnight Mars Browser software that permits auto-download and auto-mosaicking of Mars Exploration Rover images. The software is no longer supported but will remain a valuable tool until something breaks it. Howard also wrote the iPhone apps Mars Globe and Moon Globe. (UMSF Moderator: mhoward)

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Björn Jónsson

Björn Jónsson (Iceland) is the developer of the IMG2PNG software, which batch-converts spacecraft image data to PNG format. His website contains simulated views of other planets produced using image maps generated from space image data; most of his image processing work is posted only within the forum.

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Val Klavans

Val Klavans has a Bachelor of Science degree in astronomy from the University of Maryland and interned at NASA Goddard with the Cassini mission. She is currently working with the upcoming film "In Saturn's Rings" and is doing volunteer public outreach focusing on Titan and the latest from the Cassini mission.

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Emily Lakdawalla

Senior Editor and Planetary Evangelist
Emily Lakdawalla, Planetary Society blogger, podcaster, webcaster, Twitterer, et cetera. A true science cheerleader and total space geek, Emily is considered one of the most influential and passionate space bloggers around. Emily is a planetary geologist with a unique way of blending science facts and space news with a sense of whimsy, and, yes, lots of pretty pictures!

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Mike Malaska

Mike Malaska is a Scientist in the Planetary Ices Group at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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Mattias Malmer

My background as a 3D technical director and my love for image processing come to great use in the processing of space images. I have always been fascinated by space exploration. It is almost the only chance to explore and see something truly new. More than once I have startled myself when realizing that I was the first person ever to see the vista that I just assembled on my screen. A world never before witnessed reaching out trough time and space and LCD glass. I hope that sharing my images can recapture a little of that feeling.

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Piotr Masek

Piotr Masek (Poland) writes software that converts and corrects some common blemishes in older spacecraft data including Mariner, Viking, and Venera images, available from his Tripod website. (UMSF member: peter59)

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Kevin McAbee

Kevin McAbee is a software and web developer for the SAS Institute, in Cary, North Carolina. He spends his free time studying astronomy, brewing beer, and enjoying the great outdoors via rock climbing, backpacking, and amateur photography. In the fall of 2012, he joined the In Saturn's Rings IMAX film project as an image processor and programmer.

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Nahum Mendez Chazarra

Nahum Mendez Chazarra is a geologist who shares his love of space images with the world through volunteer education, image processing, and science writing.

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Glen Nagle

Education and Outreach Manager
Glen Nagle, Education and Outreach Manager, Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex

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Ricardo Nunes

Ricardo Nunes is a Protuguese amateur astronomer, image processor, and space artist.

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Jason Perry

Jason Perry works with the Cassini Imaging Team at the University of Arizona in Tucson, designing observations of Saturn's moon Titan and processing the returned images. Prior to joining Cassini in 2004, Jason worked with the Galileo Imaging Team, processing images of Jupiter's moon Io.

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Ian Regan

Ian Regan is an astronomer, contributor to the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, and image-processor for the forthcoming big-screen film "In Saturn's Rings."

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Judy Schmidt

Judy Schmidt is an amateur space image processor.

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Ted Stryk

Professor of philosophy and amateur image processor
Ted Stryk is a philosophy professor at Roane State Community College, a proud dad, and a skilled processor of old and challenging spacecraft image data.

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Eduardo Tesheiner

Mapmaker extraordinaire for the Spirit and Opportunity missions to Mars.

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Roman Tkachenko

Music Producer
Roman Tkachenko is a music producer, songwriter, arranger and remixer from Kursk, Russia.

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Ed Truthan

Ed Truthan is the owner/operator of North Coast Graphics and Web Design in Garberville, California. A devoted space exploration, flight simulation, and American southwest pre-history enthusiast, he works from his home studio in Humboldt County, in the heart of northern California’s redwood empire.

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Gordan Ugarkovic

Gordan is a software developer and amateur astrophotographer.

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Ralf Vandebergh

Amateur Astronomer
Ralf Vandebergh is an amateur astronomer who specializes in imaging spacecraft.

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Anthony Wesley

Anthony Wesley is an amateur astronomer based in Australia.

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Alson Wong

Alson Wong has been a pediatrician with the Southern California Permanente Medical Group since 1993. He is an amateur astronomer and solar eclipse enthusiast and a member of the Riverside Astronomical Society and the Society for Astronomical Sciences, as well as a charter member of the Planetary Society

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Julie Anne Workman

Julie Anne Workman is a biochemical lab technician and amateur image processor from Manchester, UK.

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