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My Sky and My Story submissions from 2019


South-Eastern sky from Psari village, Greece. Andromeda slightly enhanced on the middle-right.

My Ultima Thule snowman art

When the first clear images came in of Ultima Thule, wags quickly called it a “cosmic snowman,” with its two round bodies joined in the middle, looking like it was made with dirty snow. That struck a chord with me and I decided to create a digital cartoon along those lines.

My Apollo Story

My Apollo Story by Rene De Hon

MilkyWay Rising

MilkyWay rising above the mountains in central Peloponnese.

Men on the Moon - An American History

This book wants to be a tribute to those brave men who first explored our natural satellite.

LightSail2 is away!—a night to remember

There is nothing quite like a rocket launch, for it takes all of us along for the ride.

Lake Cayuga Night Sky

The view of lake Cayuga and the night sky from Taughannock Falls State Park, March 2019.

I never met Carl Sagan but.......

Today I finally joined the Planetary Society

I Make Round Shiny Objects While Most People Are Sleeping

A hopeless insomniac with a sideline of re-imagining solar system models.

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Bill Nye and people
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LightSail 2

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