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Share Your Story • Pedro Fronteira • December 7, 2012

Insatiable Curiosity

Insatiable Curiosity

"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious" Albert Einstein When I first read the last, I knew that science was in my blood and the insatiable kid curiosity was to follow me throughout my journey on this earth. Then came the timeless sci-fi that is Star-Trek and the many hours spent wondering about space travel & what lies within this vast expanse that is the cosmos. Perhaps the universe striving to understand itself & one among many, waiting to be explored. For me, it all coalesces into our ultimate calling, as a species capable of great advancements while ensuring its survival by relentlessly pushing the limits of knowledge. My story isn't a remarkable one, rather a very narrow glimpse into a personal perspective simply in the way imagination has shaped it into existence. "I want to believe". X-Files

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