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Infinite Visions, One Planetary Society

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We want to know—and to share our Member's stories with the world as an advocate for space exploration on our Infinite Visions, One Planetary Society web forum. 

Although your vision of space is unique, the Society is the one place we all come together to create a vibrant future for space exploration. You help strengthen our voice as the world’s largest private space advocacy group, an international force in humankind’s drive to explore and discover!

Dan Geraci

Question from Planetary Society Chairman Dan Geraci:

What do you value most about being part of The Planetary Society?

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Jim Bell

Question from Planetary Society President Jim Bell:

What do you imagine may await us as we venture beyond our Solar System and begin to explore exoplanets orbiting other stars?

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Question from Planetary Society Senior Editor Emily Lakdawalla:

Is there an image of Space that changed your life or your thinking?

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