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Share Your Story • Patrick Marx • November 26, 2013

first man on the moon

first man on the moon

The first men on the moon represent one of my first memories. I was almost 4 years old and I was playing with my castle and knights when my parents called me to watch TV. It was the day after Armstrong set foot on the moon. I remember seeing the fuzzy black and white pictures and wondered why my parents were so excited about it. The next topic on the news was about the demolition of a building. Men drilled holes in the building after wich it collapsed. It frightened me because I didn't understand that they but explosives into the holes. For some time I believed that drilling holes might collapse a house. Nevertheless, these memories awakened my love for space travel and astronomy. Since I'm a child I'm fascinated by the wonders of the cosmos and hope we will go there to explore it. It would be nice to witness the first people walking on Mars. Maybe I could call my future grandchildren to watch TV with me and awaken the same love for our cosmos in them.

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astronaut on Phobos
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