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Share Your Story • Albert M. Garcia • December 2, 2013

Toy In The Sky

It was an especially cold day in 1965. The time was about 9:30pm on a Saturday. What was so special at that time? I had just discovered that Saturn was up high in the sky. Why the sudden interest?

Sears had a sale on its 60mm Discoverer telescope. Ah, I remember it well. 900mm Focal Length - F/15 - Silver with black crinkle finish.

Shaking from nerves NOT the cold. My Dad swung the scope to the Eastern view from our driveway in West Covina, Calif. There was the space toy to behold! Remember this was almost 50 years ago. The sky was Black with the colors more beautiful than any photo could possibly show.

I just stood there tracking its movement. It was Equatorial so only one adjustment was needed. The belts were distinctly seen against a black void. The rings were in that PERFECT position that we all think of. Solid, sharp curves just standing out in space.

Here I am now 48-years later. That long ago! Talking about a moment in time that only me and my Family noticed that night. But that light from Saturn traveled just short of a Billion miles to get focused by my scope so we could all enjoy it. THAT is an image to behold!

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