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Share Your Story • David Sweetman • December 10, 2013

Stop Wasting Time

I vaguely remember looking in the clear West Texas sky to see Spudnik. That got me started on reading Jules Verne, then H.G. Wells. By the time I was in High School, there was Asimov, Clark, Dickson, Heinlein, DeCamp, Pournelle, Niven, etc. who all envisioned a successful space inhabiting humanity, flaws and all. Apollo seemed to get things started, then the incompetence and ignorance of our elected politicians destroyed any hope for success in my lifetime. The Planetary Society is trying to restore the dream, which is of great personal hope for me that the future, we could achieve, will be achieved. We must do much within the next 50 years before over-population removes any possibility of humanity surviving as long as a cockroach, much less a dinosaur. 

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