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Share Your Story • P.J. Tyrkus • December 10, 2013

Sputnik ... my first experience with space,

Growing up in northern Alberta, I did first hear the 'beeps' of Sputnik on a Short wave radio as it passed overhead. I, in fact saw it, so I thought, but years later found out it was part of the spent rocket that was flying close by---the Sputnik was too small to see! Ever since,I followed all the space shots, remembering Walter Cronkite describing the first space shots on radio, and expecially the new 'fuel cells' that would provide electricity in space.I watched intently Carl Sagan's Cosmos series back in the mid seventies. I only regret never seeing the Shuttle blasting off from Cape Kennedy. I thoroughly read and enjoy the magazine and support the 'Society' financially as much as I can.

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