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Share Your Story • The Star Guide • November 26, 2013

So Many Stars

So Many Stars

For my 8th birthday I received a small 3” Newtonian telescope with a claw mount from my Father. I used to carry that little scope out at night to a small hill about a hundred yards behind the house. The stars were incredibly bright and numerous; even more appeared through the eyepiece. Although, I didn’t know how to find anything in the night sky, except for the Moon, I really liked looking at stars. And since the telescope didn’t have a motor drive my view through the eyepiece constantly changed as the Earth rotated. This was wonderful because there were always new stars coming into view! I would gaze for the longest time and wonder about what might appear in the eyepiece next. I knew the stars were other Suns, because I had read that in our Encyclopedia. I wondered how something so big could look so small, and so many. That image, of the stars moving across the eyepiece, has never left my mind. It is the inspiration for my interest in Astronomy, and my passion for helping people understand their view into space.

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