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Share Your Story • Dave Hubbard • November 27, 2013

Our place in it all

There are so many to choose from... But a few that will always stick with me, as they expanded, and perhaps contracted, our view of ourselves. Three come to mind:

The view out the window of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module as it was descending, but still had some altitude so you could see where we were headed. The famous "Pale Blue Dot" shot. Made me feel that we here were a bit lonely, but at the same time immensely rare, and therefore immensely important. The Hubble "Pillars of Creation". So 'organic' looking. So familiar some how. Yet knowing the scale give one such an overwhelming sense of the nature of the universe and our roots.

All of these added perspective to my own worldview that simply could not be provided by any other knowledge, writing, art, or other man made creation or thought.

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