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Share Your Story • Gregory Stern • November 26, 2013

My own star

I've been interested in Space my whole life...from when my grandfather gave me pocket book guides to the Stars and Planets at an age I could barely read! My love for Space in all its forms continues to this day, but two particular moments strike me when I think of influential images. The more famous of them, the Hubble Deep Field image, always makes me excited about the infinite possibilities of the many other versions of life and beautiful formations of stars, galaxies, and planets must be out there. But the more personal image goes back to my High School graduation. I've had gifts for birthdays, holidays, other graduations, even a Bar Mitzvah...but no gift has struck me to the soul as deeply as my parents getting one of the International Star Registry stars named after me. The image is the huge star map I got with it, so I don't have an easy way to get it online.

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