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Share Your Story • Nelson Reyes • November 27, 2013

My inspiration - The Pillars Of Creation

My inspiration - The Pillars Of Creation

I remember in Junior High School, my Science Teacher, Mr. Ray Suchy, would show us Cosmos with Carl Sagan (1980's, I was in 9th grade). That started my romance with Science and Astronomy. With the launching of the Hubble Space Telecope, I remember several pictures that struck me with awe, one was the Deep Space Field images, but the one that was the most compelling was the picture of the Pillars of Creation. It wasn't only the picture as it is also the story the picture tells. At approximately 7000 Light Years distance it shows the evolution of stars and planetary systems. What is even more compelling is that recent information suggests that an observation made by analyzing images from the Spitzer Space Telescope indicate that a hot gas cloud in the vicinity may be the result of a shock wave from a Supernova, which may have destroyed them 6000 years ago. At 7000 light-years distance, we still have 1000 years to see the end results; if that opinion is true. Space Science is FASCINATING! Thanks for reading about my inspiration. -NR "Science is more than just a body of knowledge; it is a way of thinking." - Dr. Carl Sagan *HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL NYE! WISHING YOU MANY MORE TO COME!*

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