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Share Your Story • David Fontanese • November 26, 2013

Long Before Space Was Cool, Going Where No Man has Gone Before.

When I was a kid in the early 60s, we traded basebal, footbal, and, yes, SPACE cards! Of course, there were no real images or pictures like today, only artists conceptions of planets like Pluto (OK, so someone decided it's no longer a planet, go figure), Saturn, the moon, and so on. These images took hold of me and lead me out of what would have been a small town, mundane life, minding everyone elses' business to a richer, more international life with experiences and travel to various continents, and many countries. It didn't inspire me to become an astronaut, but it did inspire me to have a much larger perspective about people, cultures, and what's beyond our atmosphere. I satisfy those visions thru the Planetary Society, Star Trek, and all the incredible missions to the moon, Mars and beyond. I'm especially keen on the Voyagers missions - really going where no man has gone before.

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