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Share Your Story • Carlos-Manuel M.S. Simoes-Lopes • December 10, 2013

Keeping the Dream Alive

Keeping the Dream Alive

Well, I was born in 1958, and was lied all my young life with the promise of "how the World will be in the year 2000"; it was a very frustrating experience "celebrating" year's end of 2000! I'm a member of the Society from its very first years, someone there please tell me the date, supposedly my name was in a plaque in our former head office commemorating the contributors to that historical building acquisition, I was an "admirer" of my homonym Prof. Sagan until his departure, and still. Today, I'm disappointed with humankind development and commitment to develop, but not with the Society continuous effort, nor with the inexorable destiny that waits for us. Sadly not in my foreseeable lifetime, but certainly in mankind's future! Perhaps later, but we will reach the Stars! Ad Astra per Ardua.

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