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Share Your Story • Robert Forenza • December 5, 2013

Imagine first it will take Peace to get us there.

Imagine first it will take Peace to get us there.

One of our stories from 30 years of suppyling this world Hugg-A-Planets.

On 9-11-09 was JAXA's First resupply mission called "Kibo" (HOPE) to the ISS. On board were our Peacetoys the Hugg-A-Planet Earth, Moon and Mars. The Mars was first produced as request of Dr. Carl Sagan he had a Hugg-A-Planet ask me what about a mars. Done! That was late 80s. That Hugg-A-Planet Mars is still in production, updated and well traveled. So far 700 million miles and Orbits all of us 16 times a day. I think Dr.Sagan would think that's pretty cool.

If we can love our planet like we love our teddy bears our world would be fine. But we don't, YET. It's our time and if there is anything that needs to await us it must be Peace.

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