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Share Your Story • Victor R Morris • December 5, 2013



The image that most inspired my interest in space was the photo taken by the crew of Apollo 8 of the earth rising over the moon’s horizon. When the US manned space program began, I was only 4 years old but would stay up late or wake up early with my dad to watch the news coverage by Walter Cronkite. I soon after received my first telescope and became an amateur astronomer. At the age of 10, when I saw that first image of the Earth rising over the lunar surface, I was enthralled and knew I would have a career in science. I majored in astronomy as an undergraduate but my interest was much more in planets and their atmospheres than in distant stars so I switched to atmospheric science, working with the meteorological data from the Viking landers on Mars. I’m still working as an atmospheric scientist today, 45 years after seeing that first image of Earthrise.

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