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Share Your Story • Christopher Freemyers • May 9, 2016

Amid the mountians, amid the stars

I can remember one of my first and most vivid experiences. It was at a summer camp up in the Sierra Nevada mountains,I was 12 years old. It was icy cold, but the sky was clear, so clear it seemed I could almost reach out and touch the stars. As the years went by I had other things distracting me form space and astronomy, but I've always come back to it. Now at 38 I am finally getting set to start on my undergraduate course work in astrophysics. I can no longer ignore the call of the universe. Each month on this website, and in many others new discoveries , new questions await. To be a part of this thrilling human adventure is a joy and a gift. I wouldn't want to be alive at any other time than now.
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astronaut on Phobos
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