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Share Your Story • William Lee Kohler • December 11, 2013

A Spacefaring Civilization

In 1983 I had a new and growing passion for space exploration. Not by robots but by human explorers and settlers. I got a solicitation from TPS to join and have been a member since even though I have found a much greater kinship in the National Space Society and the Mars Society since that day. these two latter groups are actually working actively toward that goal. All too often I find TPS to be timid and even cowardly in advocating for more space probes and research instead of the Apollo spirit of getting the job done. We could have been and should have been living and working on the Moon and likely Mars by now! The hopeful explorers and settlers living the past many years since Apollo don't give a damn about the hand wringers or the "additional needed research" some seem to think we need. They are ready to go NOW. As far as I'm concerned they are just excuses to delay actually getting there. For what reasons I DON"T KNOW but I do believe that they are deliberate delays to postpone that goal. How many billions of dollars have been wasted that could have gotten us there by now in the name of "more research"? A spacefaring civilization starting with humans building and manning Solar Power Satellites and extending to mining and settling the Moon, settling Mars and mining the Asteroids will only further our efforts to achieve the stars. I for one cannot wait to see that day. I've waited 30 years now with nothing beyond Earth orbit happening and it's WAY past time. Ad Astra-to the stars!

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