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Share Your Story • Edward Bagnell • December 3, 2013

A Journey in Time

A Journey in Time

It all started for me in high school. I lived in New Orleans in an area that had a lot of families whose parents worked in the areospace business either at NASA Michoud or Stenis Space Centers. I watched and read everything and anything associated with space or aerospace technology. In the summer of 1965 I was lucky enought to get a part-time summer job with Chrysler Aerospace wooking at the Michoud Assembly Center in New Orleans East. It was only for 6 weeks but I was hooked. After high School graduation I enrolled at LSU in aeronautical engineering, thinking that is what I wanted to do. I ended up changing my major to Mechnical Engineering, after the bottom fell out of the Aerospace business once Apollo was cancelled. I have been and will always be a arent aerospace proponent and follower. I would really like to go to Mars.

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