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Share Your Story • Yanni Visci • December 6, 2013

A Futute We Can All Dream

We all wonder what tomorrow will bring, if we will destroy ourselves or venture to the stars. I personally believe humans will have a bright future. A future were we might not all get along in the end, but be unified ad s species to male a difference upon ourselves and the environments we interact with. I can image great cities on the ice caps, in deserts, in the ocean, in the sky, and even in space orbiting the Earth. I believe we will advance medicines to a point where most diseases are cured and we have androids just like us to assist with building our dreams. I belief we will unify under a single government that world and makes people happy. I believe In the human race And most if all, I believe our future is bright. I can see us exploring foreign moons of the Jovian planets and even journeying into them and studying them. I can see us going to Pluto and beyond with manned and unmanned ships, exploring a new frontier. I also have complete faith in the human race to solve the energy problem we have and figure out his to work nuclear fusion and control it. One day, maybe thousand years from now, we'll be exploring the surface of the planets of Alpha Centauri and other close stars. I am a believer.

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