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Share Your Story • Bill Leininger • November 26, 2012

Whitewashing the Fence

Just like Tom Sawyer convinced the other boys to pay him to let them whitewash his fence, we need to show other constituencies that space exploration is actually their most fulfilling aspiration. And, we can get seeming opponents to pursue the same agenda. Promote asteroid mining and space based manufacturing to environmentalists (no more tearing up or polluting the planet) and industrialists (concentrated wealth to extract and no waste management concerns). Space based power production to utilities (they control the distribution grid), isolationists (no foreign dependence), manufacturers (cheap electricity), and the greens (the ultimate renewable source). Exploration of the planets will reveal new opportunities to get rich, as happened in the Americas. The weightless environment promises new chemical and material science manufacturing opportunities. The list goes on. Once people believe an opportunity enriches their beliefs, experiences, or wallets, they get VERY enthusiastic.

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