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Share Your Story • Hans Cummings • November 26, 2012

Venus, our Hellish Sister

I'm all for Mars exploration and the exploration of the myriad moons in our solar system, but I would love to see us try to adapt our deep sea exploration technology to further explore Venus. The planet that was once known as "Earth's Twin" seems to have been pushed to the wayside ever since the landings in the 70s when we discovered what a harsh, hellish place it is. But now, at the beginning of the 21st century, we should return to Venus and explore a world ravaged by a runaway greenhouse effect. What secrets lie beneath the clouds? Could humans adapt technology to explore the atmosphere at the 50km point where the temperatures and pressures are comfortable to us? Should we? Venus is many things: a goddess of love and fertility, the Morningstar, the Evening Star, and has not had our attention for far too long.

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