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Share Your Story • David Brin • November 28, 2012

The new "west"...

A child of the 1950s, I had many influences toward dreaming of space. I recall spotting Sputnik in the sky and being enthralled. But I had already been hooked by the books of Willey Ley, portraying wonderful rotating space stations... ...and now that I think of it, my interest must have come even earlier. For those were also the days of the Western and tales about the Olde Frontier were on every cereal box and lunch box. And as the grandchild of immigrants I knew where opportunity lay... west. Always west. But in Los Angeles I could see - there was no further one could head in that direction. Unless... unless you lifted your gaze a bit and also drifted up. Years before Start Trek, it was clear -- that's where we'd find the next frontier. David Brin, PhD (author of The Postman and Existence) blog: twitter:

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