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Share Your Story • Barbara Green • December 7, 2012

The awe-inspiring concept of the seen, but undiscovered

paragraph textI'm old enough to remember being able to look up into the night sky and see thousands, if not millions of stars, as well as the moon. I remember when I was about ten seeing the Pleiadies meteor showers.paragraph text paragraph textI guess it didn't occur to me then that people could actually travel in space. But when I was in college, Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, and from then on all things seemed possible.paragraph text paragraph textA friend from graduate school worked for JPL when Voyager was launched and sent me copies of esrly picures of the planets it had passed. Nothing could have been more amazing. Then to think of how many other planets are in the universe, curiosity impels me to want humans to explore further.paragraph text paragraph textThe icing on the cake may have been the pictures from the Hubble telescope.I sometimes think the Creator let us see Creation only a little at a time, because we would have been too overwhelmed had we seen it all at once.pargraph text paragraph textNow the Curiosity rover is showing us things on the planet Mars that both confirm what we have suspected and confound us with the unexpected. I am so happy to be living at this time in history when we are beginning to reach out beyond the confines of Earth.paragraph text

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