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Share Your Story • Larry B. Keese • November 21, 2012

The Path through out Space Exploration

I started my own personal experience first with the Development, Test, Launch, and Jupiter, and Saturn Encounters of the Voyager Programs Science Instrument Pointing Systems. I went from there to several constellations of NRO Systems. (BOLD Text)The best exploration plan is taking small steps(BOLD Text). We need the (BOLD Text)Sentinel System(BOLD Text)as well as the (BOLD Text)DARPA Space Junk (BOLD Text)identification program in conjunction with Amateur Astronomers Space Junk Search along with the JPL NEO system. (BOLD Text)Planetary Protection is Highest and foremost(BOLD Text). Before Mars, a (BOLD Text)Sentinel(BOLD Text) System should be expanded to include Mars. We need to establish a colony on the MOON to learn more about long term space life. We also need Robotics to examine the Jovian Moons. Europa and the other satellites hold so many discoveries. This is completely doable when we stop fighting other peoples wars. Exploration is the engine that fuels technology growth and will encourage the planet to live in peace, by sharing in the technology and the growth and stability.

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