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Share Your Story • Victor D. Manriquez • December 2, 2012

The Moon was my first obsession

As I little 4 - 5 years old kid I was afraid of the Moon. I tried to pass fast by the windows to be "observed" the least by that “strange white circle on the sky”. When I learned to read I found some texts in the newspapers about the Moon and some kind of man made "things" that were taking some rounds by the Moon and caught my curiosity. It came then, the Apollo 11 flight, the first landing and men walking on the Moon. The family joined in front the TV, and we were following the B & W images with these pioneers Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walking on the lunar surface. Since then and now my hobby and passion has been the Universe and the space exploration. That's why I'm a science advocate and a proud member of The Planetary Society. Thanks for all.

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