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Share Your Story • Elaine Lovitt • December 3, 2012

"The Gods of Mars" and my first pair of glasses

While rummaging through my grandparent's attic, I came across a copy of "The Gods of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs that had been a Christmas gift to my father in 1932. It was the first book that took me to another planet, and to say that I was enthralled by John Carter's adventures on the dead sea bottoms of Barsoom is an understatement. I rushed outside to search for Mars in the night sky, but all I could see were a few dim smears of light interrupting the darkness overhead. It wasn't until I was fitted with my first pair of glasses three years later in sixth grade that I went outside after dark and looked up again. It was truly an epiphany. Somehow during that first real glimpse of the stars, my mind went from zero to infinity.

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