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Share Your Story • Tony Berendsen • December 3, 2012

The Eyepiece Horizon

The Eyepiece Horizon

When I was eight I lived with my two brothers, sister, Mom, and Dad in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I was the oldest of four children living in a small track home on the edge of town. My father worked a lot, so I didn’t see him very often, but he would give me things. A microscope when I was four, with Lincoln Logs, Erector Set, and miniature battery operated toys to assemble by my seventh birthday. The best gift I got was a three inch Newtonian Reflector with a claw mount and tripod for my eighth birthday. The best, because it was the ultimate discovery adventure. I would drag the scope out to a small hill on the South-side of our lot, and point it up to the sky. I didn’t know how to find anything except the Moon. I did see craters on the Moon, but my real interest looking through the eyepiece was wondering what would rise into view while looking at the stars in the eyepiece. Not having a motor drive, the stars appeared and disappeared as the earth moved the aim of my little scope. That is when I discovered that the earth moved, that is when I realized I had a passion for discovery and adventure, that is when I started asking questions, and that is when I realized I had a passion for Astronomy.

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