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Share Your Story • Robin Hess • December 10, 2012

The Comics

Like many others, I could reference beautiful night skies. Or I could mention great Science Fiction writers. Or I could say something about watching the first people to orbit Earth and land on the Moon. Or I could mention my college astronomy class. All of these enlarged my feeling that I wanted to explore space. However really, it all started with Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. Even before I could read, I would sit on the living room floor, pouring over Buck Rogers and making up a story to go with the pictures. Then in 1933 when I was in 1st grade, I learned to read and now I could live the adventure the author intended. A couple years later Flash Gordon was added to the mix. I just knew that some day soon people would fly through space and I wanted to be one of them. Unfortunately for that goal, I went into the ministry, not the military, so by the time non-military were being considered, I had gotten too old to be considered. However, every time a probe is sent into outer space, I am with it and my writing of science fiction helps to keep me there.

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