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Share Your Story • Henry Levenson • December 10, 2012

Space, my home

Space, my home

Space was in my heart. I wanted to reach out and touch the night sky. I had a 3 in. refractor telescope at age 13. We played a version of spacemen and aliens on a frozen planet with snow and our breath crystalized in the cold air on a winter day in West Virginia. In junior high, I followed GT-3 with John Young and Gus Grissom on TV photographing the screen in black and white for 41/2 hours of the mission. I had a scrapbook documenting the development of Saturn rockets with successes and failures provided by AP wirephotos. I attended a JESSI(junior engineers and scientist summer camp) in Melbourne, Florida in my junior year and saw an Atlas-Mariner shot at twilight from Cape Canaveral heading to Mars. I was interested in Aerospace engineering but went to medical school. Later on April 12,1981, I saw Columbia launch from Cape Kennedy and felt the earth vibrate 9 miles from the launch pad like a earthquake with a 3 on the Richter scale. I still take photos of the night sky with a friend of mine from JPL. Space is in my heart and I hope it stays there a long time.

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