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Share Your Story • Andrew Fain • November 27, 2012

Search For Life

The search for life should lead the Planetary Society's focus for years to come. If life were found it would be a game changer like no other. It would change our perception of who we are and our place on this planet and the universe. It would reinvigorate interest in the space program from new and old and would generate badly needed funds for the embattled space program. It would take at least a three pronged approach. 1. Increased exploration of likely abodes for life within our solar system. Mars, Europa, Enceladus and others with dedicated instruments designed to probe for life. 2. Continue funding SETI but expand its focus to include optical, infrared and other radical ideas including a thorough search of our moon to find any evidence of alien visitation be it past or present. 3.Get to work on advancements in propulsion technology. Once we can get our spacecraft to travel much faster we can begin to consider interstellar missions to places like Alpha Centauri which very well may contain an earthlike planet with life. These things are important and in our not too distant future. But we must start laying the groundwork for them now otherwise they will be just dreams that are forever out of reach.

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