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Share Your Story • Edward Durler • November 19, 2012

Retired EE

The exploration of places beyond earth must ultimately be done by human beings on site. Thus human existence beyond earth must become a viable process. The nearest place to develop and prove the technologies needed for long term existence beyond earth is the moon. The moon is as close as one can get to earth and still be on another planet. Establishing permanent outposts on the moon will allow the moon to be explored and possibly allow discovery of valuable assets. The establishment of colonies on the moon that would be able to create self sufficiency would allow increased numbers of people to live there and explore, develop infrastructure and discover assets that would support further development. Once permanent colonies take hold, an economy could develop that would actually be self sufficient. Launching missions to Mars and other planetary locations from the moon would be far more cost effective and could be the core productive basis for early moon colonies. Assistance and support from earth would be necessary and feasible until self sufficiency takes hold. Economical

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