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Share Your Story • Gregory Christiano • November 21, 2012

Promote the vision of the U.S. Space Command

There is a trend developing today which will require our resources to be directed toward reasearch and development of space systems, both commercial and military. This is proliferating throughout the world. Space commerce will become increasingly important to the globaleconomy. And it follows the importance of space capabilities to military operations is being widely embraced by many nations. We don't want to be left behind. It is very important that U.S. interests in space be protected especially these space systems to military operations. We must take the high ground because our endeavors in space will become targets for our rivals. Just as land dominance,sea control, and air superiority have becomecritical elements of current military strategy, space superiority is emerging as an essential element of battlefield success and future warfare. We can't eliminate the military from space. It is unrealistic. My vision is to reinstitute the U.S. Space Command in its military capacity to protect whatever our designes are in space - perminent colonization of the moon and Mars, interstellar and deep space exploration, mining and exploitation of natural resources, trade and commerse etc. United States superiority in space is essential.

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