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Share Your Story • Dr George Preddey • November 19, 2012

Pale blue dot v nuclear winter/game over for the climate

I share Carl Sagan's vision of planet Earth as one pale blue dot floating in an immense universe and want to see humanity's political, military, and economic leaders recognise that the message of peer-reviewed science is that, paraphrasing Einstein,a completely new way of thinking is required if humanity is to continue to survival on that pale blue dot - let alone voyage into the wider universe - particularly in respect of the twin threats of being frozen to extinction by a nuclear war (Sagan's "nuclear winter", reference below) or fried to extinction by human-induced global warming (Hansen's "game over for the climate", reference below): References: Turco, O. Toon, T. Ackermann, J. Pollack, and C. Sagan, (1983). ‘Nuclear Winter: Global consequences of multiple nuclear explosions’, Science, Vol. 222, No. 4630, December 1983, pp. 1283-1292. James Hansen reported in the New York Times of 9 May 2012.

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