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Share Your Story • Michael J. Fekete • December 10, 2012

Night skies of Ohio 1964-68 amazed me

As a child in Hubbard Ohio I was constantly amazed at the night sky. There were so many stars out at night I actually had to look for a dark patch instead of the abundance of white stars that filled my view. I was awestruck at what I was seeing. No one I knew could explain what I was actually looking at. Then the TV show Star Trek was introduced. I was only eight years old but it expanded my mind as to what it really was and the possibilities of space flight. I was forever a fan of the night sky and beyond. When I moved to California in 1968 I continued my passion for the stars by camping with the Boy Scouts. Then I watched as we landed on the moon in 1969. I thought everything was just now starting to happen. As I became a teenager I continued camping, mostly in The Joshua Tree National Monument. My buddies and me had 4 x 4's and we camped way off the beaten trail where the were absolutely no lights. I took an astronomy course in Jr. College and eventually took every course they offered. I was turned on too some old school Sci-Fi writers, namely Robert Heinlein. I was amazed at what he wrote about in the 50's and how some of his visions can actually be done today. Numerous writers have such an insight on space technology today. It seems that if there wasn't such red tape we can actually do something like what we read about in novels. Ask Ben Bova! I joined The Planetary Society many years ago to become an advocate of space and to educate whom I can about such. I'm am to this day still amazed at what we can accomplish. I'm eagerly awaiting the news about Curiosity's discovery.

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