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Share Your Story • ron dickens • November 26, 2012

Next in space

What I would like to see next in space is: 1)solar sails proven to be useful vehicles for transporting people and cargo around the solar system. The Japanese Space Agency, JAXA, has one flying, it would be good to see more.2)space elevators to get people off planet Earth more easily than at present. Again the Japanese have shown interest in this and there were some articles about a year ago saying they considered the coast off north-west Australia to be a suitable spot. 3) space cities orbiting the Earth and orbiting the Sun in the habitable zone. People can build big vessels to accommodate large numbers of people. Consider the size of the cruise ship, Queen Mary. In space though, they would probably need to be wheel like structures, so that they could be rotated to let centripetal force simulate gravity. These are the things I would like to see next in space.

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