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Share Your Story • LeRoy E De Leon • February 27, 2013

My "passion for space"

My passion for space started when I was a young boy (about 4 years old) and I use to look up to the skies, as if something was telling me that we had a connection with outer space. As I grew older and enter Junior High/High School, I learned more about Space along with reading/hearing about Sputnik and John F. Kennedy speech about going to the moon! Along with watching TV Shows and Movies about outer space, my interest grew more and more about exploring our Universe! Then I started reading about the Aztecs, Hopi, Egyptians and other civilizations from the past and HOW they got their technology to build their Empires, Pyramids, etc. and the discovery of their 'tools', their advance knowledge into building these magnificent structures along with watching The Discovery, History and National Geographic channels increased my thirst for wanting to learn more about our Universe!! It was then that I decided to learn more about space, so I jointed The Planetary Society so I can learn more about OUR Universe! It is people like Mr. Bell, Neil Tyson deGrasse, Mr. Bill Nye, Emily Lakdawalla and hundreds of others who work around the clock to keep us inform and who forge ahead, no matter what obstacles comes their way, to keep us well informed about what is going on in OUR UNIVERSE!! THANK YOU to those of you at The Planetary Society for your hard work and dedication!!

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