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Share Your Story • Dr. Peter W. Deutsch • December 7, 2012

My interest in space initiated with my life long interest or passion in math based physical science

Interest in space went along with my interest in science, perhaps initiating or igniting with an interest in calculation at age 9 around 1955. Interest in space and astronomy was always high but not dominant in my overall interest in math and physical science along with trying to absorb fundamentals of analytical philosophy or the verifiability and meaning of statements. Interest in space science certainly correlated with the initiation of the space race starting with quiet announcements in the N.Y. Times of the first full range launch in August of 1957 and matter-of-fact announcements or expectations of a coming attempt by the Soviets to launch a satellite into Earth orbit in 'the next few weeks'. That actually happened successfully and the world of news and hype exploded. I followed all this and tried to follow what was going on with all the 6th and perhaps 7th and 8th grade math at my disposal. It didn't hurt that the NY Times kept its cool and that my physics trained father who liked to keep all of physics in perspective kept his cool but supported the broader foundation of my overall interest so that I could both learn about space but keep developing my skills in math and physics.

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