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Share Your Story • Bill Russell • December 2, 2012

My Space Connection

In the early 1960's, I was an engineering manager in a division of North American Aviation. When I heard that our corporation had won the competition for design and fabrication of the Apollo spacecraft, I transferred to work on the project. During most of the 1960's I supervised various Engineering groups. For example I was the leader of the Electromagnetic Compatibility unit. We were responsible for spacecraft wiring specifications,and for power filtering and related activities aimed at mitigating the effects of conducted and radiated interference. I was reesponsible for the integrated spacecraft schematics at one time. It is sufficient to say that I developed a lifelong interest in manned space flight. Fifty years ago I would have said that by now we would see men walking on the surface of Mars. Instead we can no longer launch a man in low earth orbit. Thanks, Bill Russell

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