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Share Your Story • George Faillace • December 3, 2012

My Passion for Astronomy

My Passion for Astronomy

It was a few days before my eleventh birthday over 55 years ago and my father asked me what I would like to have for my birthday. I told him "I would like a book on Astronomy". My father was a businessman and my mother a housewife and neither had much knowledge of science much less of Astronomy nor space of course. But somehow I was very keen and when I received the book which is still in my bookshelf (and of course totally obsolete) I was thrilled. To this day I do not know why I was so keen on space- I just was- and have remained keen ever since. Now I am an amateur astronomer and look through my telescope whenever there is a clear night and wonder what is out there and where we will be going in the future. George

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