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Share Your Story • Bob Ware • November 29, 2012

My Beginning

Age 7. In front of our newly acquired handful of inches B&W TV October 1962. Pappy Parker's Corral kids cartoon/activity show was on. He took time out in mid-show to say we are going to see something special. See this pencil? The black part is a spaceship and the pencil is the rocket. On top of the rocket make believe you see a small orange rocket. That is the escape rocket the astronaut uses if the spaceship breaks. The astronaut is going to go up to the little lights at night called stars and also that is where the planets are too. We are going to see him blast off shortly. His name is Wally Schirra. (my favorite Astronaut/Pilot) From that moment I said I am going to be an Astronaut and go into space and I will find other people out there to become friends with. I do want to be an Astronaut/Pilot. I was hooked right then.

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