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Share Your Story • Michel Virard • November 26, 2012

Observatories on the Far Side of the Moon

Observatories on the Far Side of the Moon

I think there is nothing more important than to install a set of permanent astronomical and astrophysical observatories on the far side of the moon. Only from this vantage point will we be able to truly observe the rest of our Galaxy and beyond. Earth neighbourhood is far too polluted on the whole electromagnetic spectrum to serve as a base and Earth is also polluting the rest of the nearby Solar system. Only with the shield of the Moon can we expect instruments with extraordinary sensitivity and resolution to be located in the vicinity of Earth and remain repairable/upgradable. It could be our best bet for an international cooperation capable of succeeding the ISS. By burying most of the stations, we could insure a level of protection we can't afford for instruments exposed in open space. The Far Side of the Moon should be declared World Heritage by UNESCO and reserved forever and entirely for scientific observation by all nations. Doing this last step does not required big funds and the Planetary Society could easily become the standard bearer for this project, gaining fame at the same time. Michel Virard, P.Eng. Electronic Engineer, formerly radar specialist. Currently R&D consultant to the radio-electronic industry. INSA 1964

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