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Share Your Story • Bruce Preston • November 26, 2012

Moon Rivers Should Be Out of This World

As things stand, all too soon there will be no one left alive who has ventured past the outer atmosphere of Earth. 1969 on the Moon should have been a defining moment, not the start of a brief season to titillate a single generation. Many of us who remember those times are tremendously disappointed with where we are at this point, when we look back to that fantastic feat achieved with primitive computers but boundless human spirit.

My point? When a human child is born on the moon, that will be the game-changer that will invest today’s young in a space future. So yes, we do need a moon base! The scientific arguments about doing everything with machines are technically persuasive, but do not speak to the soul. You can’t motivate young people with dry science alone, otherwise they’ll prefer to watch new episodes of SF epics and give up on the go-nowhere real thing. Onwards and upwards!

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