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Share Your Story • Ronald Zincone, astrophotographer • November 26, 2012

Moon, Mars, follow the water, NEO's

Moon, Mars, follow the water, NEO's

We need to go back to the moon!! this time, our priorities should be geology, history and a moon base. It only makes sense since we know how to do it and we use the moon as a stepping stone to Mars. We will learn how to live in a space environment first on the moon. Mars, Saturn's moon Enceledus, Titan, Europa and Triton should be priorities for astrobiology and "Follow the Water". We should also prioritize the search for asteriods especially NEO's that "will" and not "If" be a threat to earth in the distant future. This will allow us to have an early-warning system and be able to work on a technology to deflect them. I support the use of future robotic missions but we must, humans, venture out and land on other worlds in order to learn and colonize to protect our civilization.

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