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Share Your Story • Keith H. Rowand • December 2, 2012

Moon Landings

I remember growing up and seeing the Milky Way in the night sky before there was light pollution and what a wonder. It was the Apollo moon landings however that sparked my passion for exploring first of all our Solar System. I understand we cannot race out into space and must take our time using the ISS and robotic instruments to make it safer and adventuresome for man. I was in the USAF and distributed the VIP pamphlets for the Pacific Commanders. Since then I boujght binoculars and a telescope to help me explore the Solar System and WOW it's fun to explore. I also try to keep up with all the NASA exploration vehicles. The feeling of the passion remind me of my grandson who's 2 and exploring like crazy as he begins to walk and talk so much is happening and I don't feel like slowing down so let's explore.

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astronaut on Phobos
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