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Share Your Story • Robert E Kroesser • November 19, 2012

Missions That Captivate, Inspire and Awe The Soul

Space exploration resorces are limited and the costs of space exploration are steep. We can't afford to waste monies on 'nice to do projects' ! I suggest that our space resources be spent on missions that will aid us in our ability to travel in space faster and more efficiently (ion power..., moon base), determine if life exists outside our 'privledged planet (Titan, Europa...), and to find extrasolar planets that lie within the 'goldilocks Zone'. We may still have billions of years left here on earth (minus an asteroid or comet putting us in their sights) to 'party', but space is extremely LARGE, and we need to start hunting for a another place to live NOW ! Sincerely, Robert Kroesser

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